NGO “Cities for Cycling” implements a series of projects that promote commuting by bicycle in Greek cities and aims to be a point of reference that people from Greek and European cities can exchange knowledge and experiences on the matter.

Vision is to promote the sustainable development and improve the quality of life in Greek cities, empower Greek economy and meliorate the aesthetics of major Greek cities.

As an active member of European Cyclists’ Federation from June 2014, “Cities for Cycling” has all the means necessary to reach its goals. Such are events, academic researches and educational programs that take place in bike friendly or not Greek cities.

Fundamental goals:

  1. Educate children, young and adults for the benefits of commuting by bicycle, the right use of cycling infrastructure and how to cycle with safety.
  2. Informing the public about the benefits of commuting by bicycle such as, inexpensive form of commuting, spacious parking, reduced health expenses, easy detour of congested urban areas.
  3. Promoting market researches on matters that involve cycling and commuting.
  4. Creating governmental and public awareness regarding the benefits of commuting by bicycle and the need of taking immediate actions for promoting it.
  5. Improving road and cycling infrastructure so that commuting by bicycle is being made with safety and convenience.
  6. Highlighting the empowerment of Greek economy through the development of sectors as bicycle manufacturing, bicycle assembly, sales and retail, bicycle service.
  7. Creating a Greek Cycling Advocacy institution.
  8. Partnering with public entities, private companies and European cycling organizations and federations.
  9. Promoting cycling tourism in Greece, help preserving the authenticity and character of Greek nature and landscape, make our country attractive for cycling enthusiasts, tourists and visitors.
  10. Operate as a reliable social partner and debate with citizens and state on matters that regard urban and sustainable development.